Frequently Asked Questions

When are the cemeteries open?

Our gates are open dawn to dusk, every day of the year. We invite you to visit and explore our cemetery’s history.

Why Linney or Acie Cemetery?

As a local, non-profit cemetery association, Linney and Acie are part of the very fabric of Dayton. Take a quick stroll through the burial grounds, and you will find the final resting place of the people who made Dayton great. Stop by for a visit, anytime.

Can I drive onto the cemetery grounds?

Yes, all vehicles must travel on paved roadways at a speed of no more than ten (10) MPH. Please be respectful of others when parking along the roadway.

Are recreational vehicles allowed?

Dirt bikes, bicycles, four-wheelers, skateboards, golf carts, roller skates, and ATVs are not permitted on cemetery green-space except those used in grounds maintenance.

Is it okay to walk my dog in the cemeteries?

No, dog walks are not allowed in the Cemetery. All pets must remain in their owner’s vehicle.

Are burial spaces available for purchase?

Yes, there are many plots open in Linney and Acie Cemeteries. Grave spaces in the Smith & Alford burial grounds are no longer available. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss purchasing a burial plot.

How do I purchase a plot or a prepaid space at Linney or Acie Cemetery?

Please click the contact form or email us at info@linneyacie.com and arrange an appointment to purchase a plot or contact a funeral home of your choice to assist you.

What is required for a traditional or cremation burial?

A burial requires a selected grave space, complete payment of the plot, casket, and a concrete outer burial vault for the casket or urn.

When can a marker be placed at my loved one’s grave?

The ground should settle six months after burial before pouring a foundation for a marker or monument. 

How do I order a military marker?

We encourage anyone who has served in the United States Military to review the Department of Veterans Affairs website and request a military headstone here.

Can I plant a tree or bush on my grave?

Planting trees or shrubs is not allowed. However, tree donations are welcome. Please contact us by email for more information on donating a tree.

Will the cemetery association maintain my burial site?

We are not a perpetual care cemetery. However, we use the cost of the plot sales and donations for the ongoing care of the cemetery grounds. Although we do not upkeep each headstone, we care for the green space and roadways within the Cemeteries.

Can someone help me locate my ancestor’s grave?

We will do our best, but please note that numerous unmarked graves exist in both cemeteries. Please submit your request by email to info@linneyacie.com or use our request form.

Can I search Cemetery Records online?

You may access findagrave.com for cemetery records at this time. We hope to have a cemetery search and mapping link available for the public to use in the future on our site.

Is the Association responsible for headstones or items damaged in the Cemetery?

No, the association is not obligated to replace or pay for damaged headstones or decorations that were moved, stolen, damaged, or destroyed.

When are the cemetery cleanup days scheduled?

Graveyard cleanup begins March 1 through March 31 and October 1 through October 31. If you have any decorations that you would like to save, please remove them before these dates.